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Case Study

How PureSpectrum Streamlined Data Collection From 2 Weeks to 3 Days



Chirp Research

Woman-owned market research firm, Chirp Research, provides qualitative and quantitative market research, insights, and custom deliverables for clients ranging from Internet and TV providers to financial, banking and CPG. 



Firm growth was limited by data collection timelines and inefficient sampling technology

Chirp Research has developed great client relationships by excelling in customer service and providing robust analyses and deliverables. One of Chirp’s current clients is a Fortune 100 telecommunications company whose detailed projects averaged several weeks of turnaround time. Contrary to their traditional timeframe, the Chirp team received an urgent request from the client on a Thursday evening to be completed by the following Wednesday.


PureSpectrum Marketplace provided high-quality data collection in 3 days

The new project timeframe drastically altered Chirp’s usual fielding process, but, with the assistance of their PureSpectrum account manager, they launched their project immediately and filled quotas successfully in three days on the PureSpectrum platform.

“We were able to get things turned around really quickly and lean on the PureSpectrum tools to go in and field a survey over the weekend, have the results back, and get the report done,” Director of Quantitative Research at Chirp Research, Leslie Hagen, said. “And from there it just became this snowballing effect; we became the go-to vendor for that client and their quick-turn projects. That continues to this day.”

With the help of the PureSpectrum Marketplace, Chirp Research was able to speed up their fielding process and still deliver high-quality data and market insights to their client. 

In 2020, Chirp Research completed over three times the number of projects for this customer, compared to 2019.

 “It has been helpful to know that we have a partner that I don't need to spend an hour on the phone with kicking off every single project, I don't need to have 100 emails back and forth,” Hagen said. “PureSpectrum is there when I have questions, but they're not bugging me when I don't have questions, which I appreciate. And we're able to turn those projects around quicker, which has had a major impact on the success of our business – even in 2020 when we weren’t sure what the ramifications of the pandemic might be.”


Team growth and increased project capacity

Throughout a five-year partnership with PureSpectrum, Chirp’s team of analysts has grown significantly to account for growth as they provide services for their expanding client base. And, with the help of PureSpectrum’s Marketplace, Chirp Research has saved their clients weeks of time when conducting market research surveys, become more competitive on price, and drastically expanded their capacity with existing partnerships. 

Projects that previously took one to two weeks of fielding time have been shaved to one to two-day turnarounds, with higher response rates from more specific consumer audiences.

“We're able to turn things around with PureSpectrum faster than with anyone else,” Hagen said. “I love being able to target my audience before I even ask them a screener question. Features like that just make my life a lot easier and save me a lot of time. It’s a huge advantage.”


What PureSpectrum Provided

  • Marketplace platform with expanded capacity for large and niche audience
  • Instant access to multisource supply from high-quality respondents globally
  • Expert account consultation to facilitate project set-up, fielding, and completion

Partnership Highlights

  •  Increased capacity: Three times more capacity for quantitative projects
  • Saved time: Reduced market survey and fielding time from 1-2 weeks to 1-3 days
  • Significant team growth over five years; companywide growth in 2020, despite pandemic

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