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Case Study

How Odity Sources Respondents 5x Faster with PureSpectrum




Odity offers customer relations solutions of high added value, mainly as customer care services.

Odity also supports brands in getting to know their customers at every point of contact through human and technological solutions, thanks to an online research and panel platform known as AreYouNet.

Odity relies on PureSpectrum technology to access panelists around the world, enabling its clients, agencies, institutes or brands to make the right decisions at the right time, through concept testing, pre and post-testing, global market studies, and brand awareness.

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Historically, Odity fielded projects using traditional panels. The process of launching a project was slow and costly. Often it took more than half a day to launch a survey even after a test link had been approved. Wanting to escape the traditional pattern and looking for efficiency and budget optimization, Odity needed a more modern, agile sample solution.


PureSpectrum’s Sample Marketplace is a network of panels that offer representative sample from around the world, creating channels for previously untapped, differentiated sources. This on-demand turnkey research tool provided Odity access to over 60 panels worldwide without a costly subscription. The expert PureSpectrum Services team was available to consult on complex projects when needed.

“Our client portfolio is highly diversified. We might be asked to get projects underway for institutes with very strict quotas one day and the next need to initiate post-testing for an agency on a tight schedule. It is the agility of the PureSpectrum tool that allows us to offer our clients such a high level of responsiveness for their ever more specialized and specific needs.” - Christophe Fetique, Odity Business Developer

PureSpectrum also empowered Odity with better insights by providing industry-leading quality measures. Recently named Marketing Research Supplier of the Year, PureSpectrum utilizes an advanced machine learning, quality rating system called PureScore™. PureScore ensures researchers receive unparalleled quality data on every project fielded on PureSpectrum Marketplace.



In Partnership with PureSpectrum, Odity has strengthened customer relationships and taken on more research projects. Utilizing PureSpectrum’s easy-to-use interface, Odity can easily calculate a project’s feasibility, optimize feasibility and generate quotes for clients at a glance. When fielding, Odity can now collect 1000 nat reps in 24 hours, a task that had previously taken up to 5 days.

Thanks to the PureSpectrum Marketplace’s multiple sample sources, bias is reduced, and Odity clients are pleased with their projects' high-quality data.

“The research that we launch through the PureSpectrum platform enables our clients to make the right decisions thanks to the high-quality data collected. But above all, the tool and the PureSpectrum team make our lives easier daily.” - Christophe Fetique, Odity Business Developer

What PureSpectrum Provided


- Technology: An agile tool that gives instant access to over diverse panels worldwide

 - Responsiveness: The PureSpectrum Marketplace allows users to understand their project's fielding statistics at a glance

 - Quality: Multi-source sample, screened with PureScore™

Partnership Highlights


- An agile tool with no licensing fees: Odity can sample with PureSpectrum à la carte, at whatever cadence a project demands

 - Autonomy & Support: Odity can act autonomously on the platform, but PureSpectrum’s Services Team is available 24/7

 - Diverse and niche audiences: Multi-source sample makes niche or complex targets quickly accessible


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