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Case Study

PureSpectrum’s Marketplace Secures Success for the7stars




the7stars is the UK’s largest independent media agency. Their independence means that they have the freedom to choose who they partner with and are always looking for the best suppliers to ensure data quality and great service. After running a project with PureSpectrum, the7stars was pleased with how seamless the process was, how quickly their project fielded, and the quality of data collected. 

“We couldn’t believe that our first project with PureSpectrum required absolutely no changes to the test link – it was perfect the first time around. I don’t remember the last time that happened.” - Michelle Milner, Insight Director, the7stars UK Ltd



Since its inception in 2005, the7stars prides itself in going the extra mile to deliver work that helps its clients grow. This often means long-term brand tracking projects as well as ad campaign concept tests with extremely fast turnaround times.

Historically, the7stars was fielding research projects mainly with suppliers who had their own panels. However, they were interested in Pure Spectrum’s business model due to their flexible and agile approach, which aligned with their values as a team. Further, as co-founders of voices4all, having access to panels that were diverse and inclusive was a priority, so the7stars increasingly sought out high-quality sample that adhered to this initiative, with delivery they could trust.


PureSpectrum is an online marketplace where users can source sample from a network of integrated panels. Recently named Marketing Research Supplier of the Year, PureSpectrum utilizes an advanced machine learning quality rating system called PureScore™. PureScore ensures researchers receive unparalleled quality data on every project fielded on PureSpectrum Marketplace.

Built on the ethos of making life easier, PureSpectrum’s team worked closely with the7stars to ensure targets throughout the project were met in the proper time frame.  

“The PureSpectrum team makes even the most complicated projects seem straightforward and easy. We highly recommend them.” - Michelle Milner, Insight Director, the7stars UK Ltd



PureSpectrum proved to be a dependable partner and resource of a representative sample for online media studies. In partnership with PureSpectrum, the7stars experienced firsthand superior audience and quota delivery. 

“We thoroughly enjoy working with PureSpectrum. Since partnering with them last year, we have experienced service that truly is second to none. The team is positive, proactive, and incredibly helpful –they are also a lot of fun and are true experts in their field.” - Michelle Milner, Insight Director, the7stars UK Ltd 

Isn't it time you reevaluate your research partnerships? Reach out today and see how working with PureSpectrum can make your job easier!


What PureSpectrum Provided

1. Fast turn around

2. High-quality data

3. On-demand expert account consultation