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Case Study

How to Be a Recruitment Hero with PureSpectrum


Before her in-house role as a customer insights manager at Grammarly, Jennifer Klein, Ph.D., worked in management consulting roles, supporting various customer insights projects for major brands. When a healthcare client hired her to run a large-scale corporate rebranding project, Jennifer suddenly saw that the normal sample recruitment process wasn’t enough for these niche requirements.


Jennifer Klein, Ph.D.

Customer Insights at Grammarly


When Jennifer accepted the healthcare project, she quickly realized the quotas required were some of the most challenging she’d ever experienced. The rebranding research required finding 7,000 respondents in Orange County, CA, who had been to a hospital for treatment in the last six months. Jennifer set to work sending out SOWs to every panel provider she knew in the area, but despite her efforts, the project quotas were languishing.


Jennifer contacted PureSpectrum to see if their sample marketplace could assist with her hyper-local recruitment. An account manager was assigned to her project, and together they worked to determine a recruitment strategy. Jennifer was easily able to add all of her project specifications directly into the PureSpectrum dashboard. With the simple press of a button, responses began to pour in. When certain segments filled slower than others, Jennifer could log into the platform and make real-time adjustments to CPI, etc. 

PureSpectrum filled my project faster than any other supplier while providing me with the most comprehensive data possible. And the bonus? Their platform was the easiest for me to use!” - Jennifer Klein, Ph.D., Customer Insights at Grammarly

Jennifer quickly realized that working with PureSpectrum gave her direct access to multi-sourced supply. The platform provided clear visibility into her sample source, and she even recognized some of the panels she had previously contacted. The difference was that respondents were collected through a wider net and filtered by PureSpectrum’s advanced machine learning algorithm, PureScore™. This system quantifies every step of the respondent’s journey, giving visibility into behavior beyond a single session—only respondents with a passing PureScore™ directed to Jennifer’s survey. 


Jennifer turned in the hospital rebrand project on time to happy clients. And her relationship with PureSpectrum continues to flourish in her new role at Grammarly. Jennifer no longer sends out 20 SOWs at the start of a project; she just logs onto the PureSpectrum platform and launches her survey. Her partnership with PureSpectrum has increased productivity and given Jennifer more time to focus on other aspects of her role outside of recruitment and data collection. 

“I’m so happy to have found an easier solution to sampling. I save so much time with projects I field with PureSpectrum. The data comes back on time and is high quality. My coworkers call me a recruitment hero!”  - Jennifer Klein, Ph.D., Customer Insights at Grammarly


What PureSpectrum Provided

  • Multi-source supply with the capacity to target niche and hyper-local audiences 
  • Easy-to-use Marketplace Platform 
  • Expert account consultation on any project

Partnership Highlights

  • Eliminated the process of sending out timely SOWs
  • Transparency into sample sources 
  • High-quality data collected on time

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