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Case Study

How Shiseido Quickly and Effectively Pivoted Marketing Strategies With PureSpectrum




Shiseido is a luxury cosmetic company with a 150-year legacy. But like most global retailers, Shiseido experienced a shift in consumer behavior during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Strict lockdowns in Asia have led more consumers online, signaling a need for Shiseido to shift its marketing focus from brick and mortar stores to online retail opportunities. 

Headquartered in Japan, a flagship regional APAC marketing team was recently formed by Shiseido to better understand the target demographics of local markets. The team was tasked with studying five different countries, each with their own preferences, and creating virtual sales strategies to reach them effectively.



Historically Shiseido had only prioritized one large online sale day on 11.11 but the advent of monthly double-day sales events saw a need to join in on more frequent sales festivals. Kriska Ramos, regional e-commerce manager APAC, is in charge of cascading regional rollouts for Shiseido. She was aware that each local market had its own ways of working and an e-commerce playbook would need to be in place. With the various online sales festivals being rolled out, Shiseido would need to have product landing page guidelines, etc. in place.

The APAC Shiseido team needed information across the region, particularly with consumer insights about online shopping from Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. This would require fielding in several different languages over a short period of time.


In early November 2021, Kriska met with the PureSpectrum APAC team. They assisted with scripting, translations, and fielding. Kriska was then able to consult with PureSpectrum Development Director, Lester Sualog to analyze the data and create dynamic presentations for her global team. 

“The team at PureSpectrum helped me every step of the way. Having an outside source with such extensive data quality measures put my mind at ease. The fact that the team could then analyze data and help me present guidelines in creating an e-commerce playbook for my team was exceptional.” -Kriska Ramos Regional E-commerce Manager, Shiseido

PureSpectrum interviewed a total of 1,500 general population respondents from Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam from November 5-9, 2021. The study fielded in several local languages and showed Shiseido product thumbnails/hero images assessments to specific target audiences. The study also surveyed the effectiveness of sales events outside of 11.11 as well as regional online purchasing behavior.



The speed to insights provided by the PureSpectrum platform enabled Kriska and her team to pivot marketing strategies quickly during the 11.11 sales and following holiday season. Changes implemented from this research allowed Shiseido to generate better customer experiences online and address regional concerns on limited product range, colors, and perceived cluttered layout design.

“The surveys we ran on PureSpectrum provided valuable insights and wealth of information. These are very helpful as we navigate through changing landscapes in 2022 with fresh eyes and an open mind!” -Kriska Ramos Regional E-commerce Manager, Shiseido

In addition to the research presented to Shiseido, Kriska Ramos and Lester Sualog were asked to present a paper on their findings at the 2022 global flagship event of ESOMAR.

What PureSpectrum Provided

  • Expert account consultation on scripting, fielding, and analysis
  • Instant access to multi-source respondents from high-quality global panels
  • The ability to target niche consumer audiences quickly, without third-party markups

Partnership Highlights

  • Quick turn research that enabled Shiseido to make real-time changes during the biggest sales event of the year
  • Quality and Delivery: White glove assistance on an urgent project, without compromising data quality 
  • Research that has been recognized on a global ESOMAR stage 

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