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Case Study

Winning Sales Pitches with Rapid Insights and Analytics from PureSpectrum



Silgan Dispensing

Silgan Dispensing is a leading consumer packaged goods provider based out of Richmond, Virginia.  Silgan utilizes consumer insights to guide its marketing solutions for luxury beauty, healthcare, and household cleaning dispensers.




A new contract dependent on a 24-hour turnaround

Silgan Dispensing is known for the high quality of its in-depth market research on aesthetic preferences and consumer habits. Before partnering with PureSpectrum, the process to set up research required two weeks or more of planning. Recently, when a client requested a specific audience survey completed in time for a sales pitch, Silgan Dispensing knew they needed quality results within 24 hours to win the contract.  


Expert account management and multisource, quality-first platform delivered results

Silgan Dispensing contacted their PureSpectrum account manager and immediately received hands-on support to field the necessary survey on the Insights Platform. The platform is integrated with PureSpectrum Marketplace which combines proprietary measurement tools and third-party data validation to quickly collect high-quality insights. The Insights Platform dashboard updates in real-time, giving users immediate access to their data. “Using the dashboard was easy and intuitive: I could check in during my surveys, view the data as charts and graphs, and help visualize the numbers. The platform is reliable, nimble, and efficient, ” Global Manager of Marketing Insights at Silgan Dispensing, Olga Bates, said.

Within 24 hours, Silgan had the high-quality insights the client needed and went on to win the contract at the next day's pitch meeting.“ The results were delivered in less than 24 hours. I sent it in time for the sales presentation and it was very successful. Long story short, we got the data we needed which played a huge role in closing that sale. If I couldn’t get this information in less than 24 hours, if I didn't get immediate support, it might not have happened.”

Since the company’s switch to the PureSpectrum Insights platform, Silgan Dispensing receives prompt responses and updates about project setup and progress.“ We have offices in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Latin America. When you’re coordinating research projects on a global level, it gets really complex,” Bates said. “I feel like with PureSpectrum, I never have to worry. The customer service is always on top of their game and, from my experience, goes above and beyond to ensure customers are happy.


Increased project capacity and partnership growth

Over the span of the nearly six-year partnership with PureSpectrum, Silgan Dispensing has successfully fielded many projects on the Insights Platform, resulting in increased demand for new projects, and market expansion. Silgan Dispensing’s clients have noticed the growing capacity and given Silgan additional business in new markets as a result. With the help of PureSpectrum’s tools and team, consumer surveys are completed efficiently and accurately, with consideration of regional dialects and cultural preferences. 

“The PureSpectrum Insights Platform works so well, and so quickly, and so efficiently, it's just highly appreciated,” Bates said. "The PureSpectrum team is always ready to go and always delivering — it makes a big difference. It's intangible, it's in the attitude, they make my work easy.”


What PureSpectrum Provided

  • The Insights Platform dashboard automatically creates charts and graphs to help visualize and track data in real-time   
  • Expert account management with fast response time to facilitate project set-up, fielding, and completion
  • Advanced targeting to pre-qualify respondents resulting in better conversion and filling harder-to-reach quotas

Partnership Highlights

  • Increased Capacity
    • 3x more capacity for quantitative project
  • Saved Time
    • Reduced market survey and fielding time from 1-2 weeks to 1-3 day
  • Team Growth
    • Significant team growth over five years; company-wide growth in 2020, despite pandemic

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